To introduce a new specialty plate in TN, RI must obtain the commitment for 1000 cars (the fee is $35/plate). Once we have 1000 names and addresses (plus county), we send the list to the state, along with a check for $35,000. It will take a few months to produce the plates… when they are ready there will be a notice to pick up the new plate from your county clerk. When the plate is picked up, RI will receive $31.70 back. Every year after, RI receives the full $35 renewal donation.

We understand that there may be individuals who’d love this new plate celebrating service dogs but due to the impact of the pandemic, cannot afford the $35 commitment this year. RI will be sponsoring up to 200 plates for those folks. Our only request is a commitment to renew the plate the following year.

Thank you so much for your support!

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