Support RI

Through generous donors, we cover over half the cost of these amazing service dogs. The other portion is covered by the sole fundraising efforts of the recipients.

For some, this part of their financial contribution is easy to raise but for others, it is an unachievable barrier. We have deserving individuals that we can’t match with their own service dog due to lack of funding. This is where you come in.

Guidestar Platinum Transparency SealDoes your company match your donations? Do you want to donate your birthday / wedding / graduation to RI? Does your local organization want to learn more about RI and host a fundraiser?

We are available to come spread the word about this life changing work – and we come with DOGS! Contact us for more information.

Make a One-Time or Recurring Donation

Support the training of a Retrieving Independence service dog with a recurring donation.  Your pledge can help with the following:

$20/mo. Provides toys, supplies, and treats
$45/mo. Provides food for a service dog in training
$75/mo. Covers veterinary care for a service dog in training
$125/mo. Covers veterinary care, food & treats for a puppy’s 1st year
$250/mo. Covers 10-day training camp for 1 recipient per year

Amazon Smile

Visit, Select Retrieving Independence as your charity, happy shopping!

Would you like to make a stock donation? You can send stock gifts directly to our investment account or you can designate it for a specific area of the program (veterinary care, training camp, volunteer trainings, etc.). Send us a note and we can discuss your donation wishes!

If you’re interested in a different type of donation, please contact RI directly to discuss options or call us at 615.934.0444. Thank you!

Kroger Community awards

We rely heavily on grants, corporate donations, and sponsorships to keep our service dogs performing at their best.

We could not do what we do without the generous donations from these local and national organizations: